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Dear Investors,

Stock18 Advisory is a leading stock advisory company and we have been rated top by many renowned independent researchers and investors. provides multitude of product to suit all kind of players in Indian Stock Market namely Intraday, Nifty, Delivery, F&O, Rocket calls which aids traders to trade in specified stocks.

More and more traders are getting attracted to Intraday and Short delivery- Trading to make quick money but often make huge losses in absence of any knowledge,strategy or discipline required for Day or Short Term trading.Only handful smart traders are able to make money in both Rising as well as Falling Market. We, Stock18 Advisory are committed in helping our traders to benefit from Indian Stock Market by adopting a resonably correct strategy with discipline.

This site is created purely on the basis of Technical/Fundamental Tips of the Indian Stock Market.

> Our Aim

Our aim is to encourage more and more common people to enter into the stock market and to convert them as genuine fundamental investors and multiply the wealth of our client.

> Our Vision

  • To provide 85-90% success ratio in the stock market by string technical & fundamental tips and marketing traders to earn.
  • To facilitate the small traders to enter the share market for multiplying their wealth.

> Our Strength

  • We have technical analysis based tips providing team.
  • We provide volume 10 times more than our fees.
  • We provide strong recommendations.
  • understand the needs of the traders.

> Our Business Philosophy

  • Our philosophy is to maximize our investor's wealth.
  • We believe in building wealth and relationship of Clients.

> Technical Analysis based Team

  • Our technical analysis team uses various studies like Day and Swing Trading, Fibonacci, Candlesticks, our own Trading Signals, Gann and Elliot Theories, Moving Averages, Momentum Oscillators, Sentiment and volume indicators, Trend reversal patters.
  • All these helps to provide strong tips to the clients.

> Fundamental based Team

  • This team is closely related with market.
  • They analysis on various companies, its growth, expansion, strength, P/E ratio, EPS & Economic growth.
  • They also look after the foreign market strength, political interference in Indian & foreign market and other operation factors.